What is Project Worldbuilder?

Project Worldbuilder is my challenge to develop my skills by sculpting every day for a year! Each month, I'll randomly select a new mystery monster and a genre to create unique, grotesque, and downright strange creatures. I'm documenting the whole process - my successes and failures - and you can follow along by subscribing to my newsletter or following my social media. 


What are the rules?

I must sculpt OR engage in the sculpture process (like molding, casting, or painting my work) every day for the next year, starting July 1st 2021. 

I will create one main project per month, selected by a random drawing from a long list of monsters, genres, and fanlore universes. I'll also be working on some smaller, supplemental projects throughout!

I'll document the whole process and share it with you in regular posts, weekly livestreams, and monthly giveaways!

I will have the occasional day to rest! The goal of this project is not to force myself past my physical limits, just to push my creative ones! 


Why are you doing all of this?

This project is an exercise in reaching a dream. As a kid, I was inspired to work in film based on several great classics, but the most influential for me was The Lord of the Rings. The art studio behind much of the films' design is Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand and they are master worldbuilders. My passion for special effects has often lead people to comment that I should 'move to Hollywood', but really, I hope it takes me to Weta Workshop to sculpt with the best! The purpose of this project is to build my skills and my portfolio so that I can continue to puruse that dream.

How can I help?

There are several ways to follow my work and support my project!


You can subscribe to get a notification when I publish my monthly blog post about the project's progress. (Don't worry, I'll never sell your info and will send a maximum of 2 emails per month).


You can buy some artwork for yourself or a friend at the Sponge SFX store!


You can subscribe to my Patreon, where you can get exclusive content, early access, and entries into my momnthly giveaways!


You can make a one-time donation via Paypal to help pay for my materials and supplies during this project.


You can share my work with your friends! Sharing on social media and telling your friends is a great way to support small artists of all kinds.


You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok! I update all three regularly.