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Everything You Want to Know About Bodypainting

Have some questions about what bodypainting entails? Read on.

What kind of paint do you use?

It depends on the type of work I’m doing. For brushwork, I use water-based paints. When airbrushing, I typically use a hybrid paint – it’s not as harsh as alcohol-based paint and comes off a little easier, but is still safe, waterproof, and long lasting. My current kit products consist mostly of ProAiir Hybrid makeup and Mehron Paradise Paints.

Is it safe?

All the products I use are safe, gentle, and approved for cosmetic use. If your skin is sensitive, we can always pre-arrange a patch test of the products to be used during your bodypainting experience.

How long does it last? Is it waterproof?

This depends on which paint is best for your event. My preference is to use hybrid airbrush makeup, which is waterproof, won’t smear, and can last up to a full day with proper precautions (even longer with a barrier protection spray). It’s ideal for long events, cosplay and convention makeup, and bodypaint in high-movement areas (typically around the joints – elbows, neck, etc). I also use water-based makeup on occasion, which is easily washed off at the end of the day. Alcohol-based paint for full waterproofing can be provided on request.

How do you remove it?

All of the paint I use can be removed with soap and water. Stubborn spots can be removed with baby wipes or makeup wipes and in the case of airbrushed or sealed paint, shaving cream can be used for any paint that proves difficult to remove. Some pigments can stain the skin temporarily (for me, it’s the reds – usually my skin will retain a slight pink stain for a few hours).

How long does it take?

This depends entirely on the design you choose. I usually allot an hour for detailed adult face designs (like for Halloween or Theatre Bizarre). From there, full bodypainting times will range depending on how much of the body is covered and how detailed the design is. Expect a minimum of four hours for a full coverage body paint.

Do you have to be naked?

Not at all! Designs are custom, which means they can be created to your comfort level. If that means just arms and legs, or belly painting, that’s not a problem! “Nude” shoots still typically involve, at minimum, underwear and pasties so that the final images don’t break any indecency laws and can be shared with whomever you chose.

What/who is bodypainting for?

Bodypainting is great for everyone and is a unique addition to all sorts of events! The most popular events are obviously Halloween parties, but bodypainting can also be a great addition to conventions and cosplay, music festivals, special events, promotional work, and more! In addition, bodypainting is a truly unique experience and a great way to commemorate life events, celebrate special milestones, or just to try something new. My bodypainting typically comes with a few professional, edited photos and larger photography packages can be arranged, so you can keep your exclusive artist experience preserved forever or gift it to a loved one. The possibilities are endless!

For more information or to book your bodypainting session, contact Zelda at spongesfx@gmail.com.