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People ask me a lot – “How did you get started doing special effects makeup and bodypainting?”

In 2016, my friends at HUSH Haunted Attraction threw a Dia de los Muertos party at Skateland West to kick off the haunted house season and raise money for the Don’t be a Monster anti-bullying campaign. I’ve always loved the complex, intricate makeups that come out of Day of the Dead and I think the holiday as a whole is fascinating, so I bought some cheap facepaints on Amazon for a few dollars and dolled myself up for the event. A few of the people there commented that I had done a good job and that maybe I should help with makeup at the haunted house – which I laughed at. But I was intrigued. I did another simple facepaint on myself the next month for my first visit to Theatre Bizarre and decided I wasn’t terrible at it and to see where it went. That was the beginning of my makeup career.

From there I started painting myself with all sorts of crazy designs, learning techniques, and dabbling with some special effects looks. I try to absorb information wherever possible; being self-taught tends to mean putting in extra effort to stay informed. Some looks were a total failure – but I learned from every single one. And lots of them turned out great!

Recently I’ve been taking courses to expand my knowledge into mold-making, latex masks, and custom prosthetics. I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on! If you’re interested in my past work, here are some of the projects I’ve been involved in so far:

-HUSH Haunted Attraction – October 2017, Westland, MI

-At HUSH, I paint haunted house actors for one of the highest-rated haunts in the country. Everyone there puts so much effort and energy into making the haunt a great experience, so it’s an amazing place to work!

-Theatre Bizarre Suspension Team – October 2017, Detroit, MI

-Working with the suspension performers at Theatre Bizarre was a blast. I created several looks from clowns to snake charmers and really enjoyed working with such crazy, talented people. This year, I may be working with Theatre Bizarre’s main makeup team (stay tuned!) – if you’ve never been to this absolutely INSANE Detroit party, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Seriously, go get your tickets.

-Breaking Borders with Urban Rituals Suspension – January 2018, Detroit, MI

-The Urban Rituals suspension performers put on an amazing show at Breaking Borders with lots of sci-fi mid-air lightsaber battles and acrobatic goodies. I painted the team as Tron-inspired warriors! I’ll be working with them again in August of this year, so stay tuned for details!

-Venus Rising Women’s Art Exhibition – April 2018, Detroit, MI

-I had the privilege of showcasing my artwork at this show by doing a live bodypaint on my dear friend Lena and bringing attention to an important cause all at the same time. This is probably the most impactful look I’ve ever done and it was fantastic to be surrounded by other talented female artists. The atmosphere was incredible and supportive. Mabel Syrup and Fancy Pants Productions are the bomb for putting it on for 6 years now. I hope to get the chance to do this again!

-Seek: A short film with IronArk Films – May 2018, Holly, MI

-My first film! I’m looking forward to seeing the final product soon, but I was so excited to get the chance to do some special effects looks for the camera. I’ll be working with this team again on the 48 Hour Film Project in July, so keep an eye out for that.

I’ve also done a lot of children’s facepainting, private adult commissioned looks, and more! I have some exciting things coming up in the next few months, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and social media sites to stay updated on everything to come.

Still have questions about my work? Leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!