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Survey Results are in!

Hey friends! I am so grateful to everyone who took my survey! My goal for 2019 is to official make the transition from "hobby" to "business" and your insight was extremely valuable. I thought it only fair to share the results with you, so here they are!

Bodypaint Print Photos:

You'll definitely see at least a few of these in 2019!

Logo Merch:

That's fair. We'll probably skip the logo stuff for now.

Bodypaint services with photography:

You guys are way more interested in this than I thought! This will be a more widely available service when I have some proper studio space established. Look for it in summer of 2019 but feel free to contact me about booking your spot for next year and conceptualizing your custom paint and shoot!

SFX kits and prosthetics:

It's cool that you guys want this, but I need to learn more before I can provide these options. I'm hoping to have prosthetics available by 2020. In the meantime, check out my friends at Chaotic Creations for your prosthetic needs!

Sculpted items:

I might have a little something for you earlier in the year, but for the most part, keep an eye out for some unique options for the holiday season in 2019!

What you want to see more of:

It's important to me to provide the kind of content you want to see. I'll be using these stats to bring you updated content each month in 2019.

Again, thank you so much for participating in my survey! This has really helped me lay out a plan for my business in 2019 and I'm excited for all the cool stuff I'm going to bring you in the new year! Don't forget, supporting local artists with your dollars is important, but you don't have to buy anything to be supportive. Sharing your favorite content with your friends, liking and commenting on your favorite posts, and interacting with an artist's content in general are great ways to help support your favorite artists and boost their visibility so more people can see their work. Thanks again! Stay tuned!