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Quarter One with Sponge SFX

Hi all! Just thought I'd keep you up to speed on some of the cool things that we've already accomplished this year. Check it out.


Sponge SFX LLC was registered in January and is now an official business entity! In addition to having my business established, I also nabbed a seller's permit (purchasable items coming later this year!), professional liability insurance, and some other business-related goodies. Now you can feel comfortable knowing that Sponge SFX is registered, insured, and a legitimate business to work with.

The biggest change my clients will see is my contract and deposit policies. Currently, all booking dates are tentative until I have your contract, signed and returned, for the date you've booked me for. Dates are confirmed after the contract and deposit is received. This protects me AND you from anything that might go wrong. Let me know if you have questions!


2019 has brought some pretty interesting looks so far! I've done the Spiderman paint, a gorgeous cheetah bodypaint on the lovely Zavier (if you need an esthetician for waxing or facials, she does a fantastic job! Check her out here.), tinkered with some old age makeup, airbrushed some sickening tentacles for the 20th anniversary of the Detroit Dirty Show, some fun beach paint in Hua Hin, Thailand, and I shared a bodypaint print with the amazing Billy Boyd of Lord of the Rings fame! And that's all just in the first three months. I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

Upcoming Events

I have some fun stuff coming up soon, including a secret project in April! I'll be working with other talented artist to create something beautiful, so stay tuned for that!

On April 26th and 27th, I'll be doing live bodypainting for the 7th Annual Venus Rising All Women Art Exhibition at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit. Friday night will be a more exclusive show, $45 in advance, with strolling cocktails and appetizers, interactive performances, and discounted art for sale. Saturday's event will be $20 at the door (plus $5 off if you bring feminine products to donate!). There are going to be a ton of fantastic, talented artists and vendors there and it's sure to be an exciting event as it always is! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Alternatives for Girls, so skip the same old movie or dinner night and come do something a little different for a good cause. I'd love to see everyone there!

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Supporting Artists

If you enjoy my artwork, but aren't interested in being bodypainted or bloodied, there are still plenty of FREE ways to support me and my work! (These are great tools to support ANYONE'S work, not just mine, so use them often and share them with your friends.)

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Thanks for keeping up with me and my work! I appreciate every one of you.